My Love for the Western Ghats

Being born in a mountainous region,I have this great affinity towards mountains. The place where mountains and hills lies,there lies my heart and my soul. My first encounter with the Western Ghats was when I visited Mumbai for the first time.We were looking for a weekend gateaway when a friend suggested us to go to Lonavala/Khandala.It was in the month of August when the entire region enjoys the blissful rainy season.It was Saturday morning when we started our short trip to Lonavala by a cab we booked the day before from Navi Mumbai.What an amazing route with beautiful hills all the way long.It was like one of those beautiful places from the postcards and wallpapers. I had never seen such beautiful hills before.I was awestruck and anybody who would visit Western Ghats in the monsoon would be.


When we reached Lonavala,as famous as this place is among the Mumbaikars and Pune residents, this place was crowded as expected.People playing loud music in their vehicles and singing along, some people screaming like crazy while dancing in the rain, the floating clouds, the garam Chai and famous Kanda bhaji of Tiger point.

Western Ghat is the perfect escape for the people of these two cities from their mundane life not just because of the refreshing air but there is some eccentricity and magic in the Western Ghats.

Bandardhara Village

The story of Western Ghat didn’t end here.I was so fond of the idea of going to the Western Ghats that I ended up hiking to most of the places.Each place here in the hills are unique and beautiful with a story of their own.Sometimes the hikes are difficult, bruises in the feet,your legs are covered with mud, your clothes are wet due to continuous raining your body may stop supporting you but still your heart won’t give up, for it will always yearn for that breathtaking view from top of the hills.You will forget all your problems, you will immerse yourself in that breathtaking views and would definitely appreciate the Almighty for its beautiful creation as I always do when I am in these hills.These views makes us realize that there so many beautiful things to be appreciated, so many things to be grateful for rather than living life with regrets.

And the best part is many places in Western Ghats is easily accessible from Mumbai. I am waiting for the monsoon so that these mountains come back to life.

Information-The Western Ghats is chain of mountains running parallel to the Western coast of India traversing through the Indian states of Maharashtra,Goa,Karnataka,Tamil Nadu and Kerela. These mountains are believed to be older than the Himalayas and rich in biodiversity. It houses hunderds of species of flaura, fauna, amphibians,birds and reptiles.Considered one of the hottest hotspots of biological diversity.There are several Tiger Reserves,National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Reserved Forest in the Western Ghats.It is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Ratangarh Fort

Below are few posts about places in the Western Ghats you shouldn’t miss

NOTE-As I hiked to many hills in the Western Ghats, the easily accessible ones are often littered.Western Ghats are home to hundreds of living beings.Lets preserve them and save them for other living beings. Many organisations are putting in their effort to save it.Let’s do our part and be proud of being part of this change.

Let’s stop committing more mistakes. Together we can move mountains.


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  1. You a true mountaineer dear…. Your blog help me to feel what I could have felt if I had visited. In short your stories make me feel that I am roaming there itself… Keep posting ur experiences.


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