Photo Story of Maharashtra’s own Valley of Flowers

Have you ever been to a place filled with carpet of colorful flowers? Do you know we have one such place in Maharashtra, just few hours drive from Mumbai?

The Kaas Plateau or Kaas Pathar situated 280 kms from the city of Mumbai and 25 kms from Satara is another mesmerizing place. Every year during monsoon mother nature unfolds one of its miracles in the form of beautiful flowers in the entire Kaas Plateau.Declared a UNESCO world heritage site, this plateau is home to more than 850 flowering plant species and among them many are endemic to the Kaas Plateau.The orchids are in full bloom in the months of August-Sept-October and this place remains crowded with tourists specially on the weekends.

Beautiful flowers at Kaas
Orchids in full bloom at Kaas
Changing hues as you walk around the plateau
A walk to remember
Nature in its full bloom
Flowers at Kaas Pathar
Pink hue spread across the plateau
The Kaas lake at the far end

To the South of the Kaas Plateau lies the Kaas Talav or Kaas Lake which is formed on the Kanher dam. A serene lake surrounded by the Sahyadris and lush green forests.

Kaas Talav

Few suggestions and Things to remember

  • Reach the plateau as early as possible so that you can spend ample time at the plateau as the route to the Kaas is one-way and it remains clogged with vehicles.It took us around 2-3 hrs to cover a distance of few kms before we reached the parking area near Kaas Plateau.
  • Join a naturalist if possible.Learning about the different floral species at this bio-diversity hotspot as you move around, will be an enriching experience.
  • Several people visit Kaas for one-day picnic and leave all the trash behind spoiling its astounding beauty.The wisest of people would refrain from doing it.
  • Entry tickets and camera passes can be obtained online as well as offline.Counters are available at the plateau.
  • In an effort to protect the plateau,only 3000 tourists per day  will be allowed to visit Kaas starting this year.
  • Kaas can be visited any time of the year but to see it in all its glory, monsoon is the time. Theoseghar waterfall can also be visited which we missed on our trip to Kaas.
  • Satara is well connected to other major cities in the country.Drive down or take a train till Satara and take bus from Satara bus stand for Kaas Pathar or reserve a private vehicle.
  • One can also reach Kaas from Tapola via Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani link road.
Vehicles parked at the Kaas Pathar

The best camera for starters


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