Kutch-Beauty in Nothingness

Ma’am,the camel carts are ready, a voice came from outside our tent at Dhordo tent city near the Great Rann of Kutch. The Tent city was set-up for the Rann Utsav with hunderds of tents set-up in a beautiful way.Shops showcasing different handicrafts and embroidery of Gujarat. After a long ride and travel through some of Gujarat’s gems like Mandavi beach and places around Bhuj, we had arrived at Kutch.

Mandavi Beach

We were prepared to witness one of the most beautiful geographic creations. On the way towards the Great Rann of Kutch, the anticipation that this place be as mesmerizing as people tell about it was making me  apprehensive as irresponsible tourism often destroys such places. After the fun camel cart ride , as we treaded toward the Great Rann of Kutch with the assigned escort, few white patches were visible. As we walked further,the patches paved its way to the spectacular white desert. We were left awestruck by the beautiful yet bewildering white and wide expanse of salt marsh,we maneuvered our way further towards the salt desert. Salar-De-Uyuni was always a dream but little did I knew that this beautiful creation was equally astounding.

Local artists performing at the Great Rann of Kutch
Beautiful Sunset

Sun was touching the horizon spreading its hues all over and we were staring at infinity. Infinity now had a new meaning for me. We moved around and couldn’t stop discussing about how planning to visit this place was so right. As it started getting darker,we were taken back to the Tent City. We savored a sumptuous Gujarati  meal for dinner and witnessed the folk music and dance performances of some of the ethnic tribes of Gujarat.One among them was the unusual Siddi tribe of Gujarat who are of African origin but Indian National and speaks Gujarati.This community has lost touch with its roots but they have retained their folk music and dance.Revival of the local artisans,folk musicians and artists of Kutch and Gujarat as a whole.

Local artists performing at the Rann Utsav Tent City

Next day we went around places near Kutch like Kala Dhungar-the black Hills,Bhujodi village-Famous for embroidery and other handicrafts and then to The India Bridge which is the army post on the border of India-Pakistan. At dusk we returned to the Rann and it was 14 Nov 2016, the super moon day. Dusk was falling, paving its way to the rise of the biggest moon we had ever seen.The moon was burning as it was hovering over the horizon and sun was bidding goodbye. It was a rare sight. As the sun disappeared, so did the fire in the moon.The sky was pitch dark and the super moon was shining just above us illuminating the already beautiful Rann with its rays. We walked around in the salt marsh for quite sometime relishing its beauty and the solitude.

Can you see the Rann shining at the far end ?

With lots of pleasant moments and placid memories,we embarked on our journey back to our respective places.The surreal beauty of Kutch left us awe-stuck and it definitely was an experience of a lifetime.

Where is this place and how can we reach?
Rann of Kutch is situated in the Indian state of Gujarat.The Nearest airport is Ahmedabad airport and Bhuj railway station is the nearest station if you are coming by train.
What is the best time to visit the Great Rann of Kutch?
Its recommended to be visited during the Rann Utsav celebrated during the winter months of Nov to February.
Nearby attractions?
As mentioned in the blog post,nearby attractions include the Black Hills, India Bridge and Bhujodi village. In case you have ample time, do visit Dholavira (site of the Harappan Civilization), Mandavi beach,
Any other suggestions?
NOTE-The Rann is under BSF control and no one is allowed to enter it without permit.Before planning for it make sure the permits are in place. If your bookings are done via Rann Utsav website,they will take care of all the permits.

Few more pictutures from Dhordo Tent Ciy

Dhordo Tent City beautifully decorated with lights
And that’s me watching the sunrise.And that was our tent-Tent no-19
One can find beautiful pieces of art all over the Tent city
Performances by local artists at night

Useful bag for travel


9 thoughts on “Kutch-Beauty in Nothingness

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  1. Quite detailed and beautiful narrative. I felt like I myself have walked through all the places. I particularly liked the description of super moon day. May be you can add little more about the hospitality offered there.


  2. Beautifully described the whole of kutch itself, Do come again and contact me for sure. we can explore the unexplored culture traditions , history, handicraft etc. and one more thing you should have definitely not missed was Rogan Art- one of its kind done by organic die’s. Only one family knows its art and is appreciated worldwide. Its just between bhuj and white desert (dhordo)


    1. I definitely have plans to visit again for many of the things I have missed including the Rogan art as you said..I missed it last time..Kutch is a beautiful place..Would definitely seek your help for the next trip..😇😇


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